Life can be a lot and can feel like a juggling act when you're trying to manage an array of stressors from your career, relationships, finances and health - not to mention everything the social media revelation likes to show we're missing out on or what we're not - beautiful, happy or satisfied with our life :(

If you're tired of carrying the weight and spinning in fear, in waking up to the dread and worry of what the day will bring, it's time to unravel it all and free your mind, so you can get back to business in doing what you love without all the hangover.


What's inside


* The Anatomy of Stress, Anxiety & Burnout.

* Discover the deeper driver that is feeding our fear & keeping us in our corner.

* Learn how to balance the skewed ratio of FEAR:LOVE

* Where happiness can be found.

* The process of creating change & developing new habits.

* Live coaching call where you learn how to put it all into practice.

What to expect ...

In this 5 day event, we are going to break through to what keeps us stuck spinning in stress and fear so you can take your life where you really want to go.


This event will be a week of teachingcoaching and workshopping where you will be shown the process of how to unravel your anxiety, stress or burnout and overcome the fear your mind will present you, so that you can FREE yourself from the debilitating patterns that keep us stuck


Your relationship with your mind will never be the same. Because you can’t unlearn something once you understand it. 


It’s easy to manage your mind when you have a clear simple process to help you see through the mental constructs we create that hold us back, weigh us down and keep us spinning.

You will learn how to gain a whole new perspective on every situation or circumstance you encounter that would otherwise leave you feeling powerless and at the affect of it all. Bring your stressors to the live coaching sessions for a practical demonstration of how to apply the theory you will be learning over the next 5 days.


What's inside

  • Daily teaching in understanding how stress and anxiety is created as we unravel the components that has us spinning in fear as we try to out-run the way we are feeling until we burn out.
  • LIVE coaching call with Coach Instructor Melinda King where we learn how to apply the theory to the real life situations + a BONUS e-book for attending.
  • An opportunity for you to present your biggest stressors for coaching.
  • Apply some simple techniques to your situation for instant clarity and breakthrough the illusions that keep us trapped.

Meet your host

Melinda is a certified life coach, mentor, counsellor, farmer, accountant and entrepreneur. She is passionate about business, the environment, as well as our health and wellness in mind, body and spirit. An important part of our journey in finding happiness and peace will naturally include the relationships we have and how we deal with the trials and dynamics of business and life in general.

Melinda brings a unique collection of interests and experience to her coaching, offering a wholistic approach in supporting people with their mindset in consciously creating a life they love.

The most underutilized performance tool we have is our mind. Join her in opening up to this untapped potential we all have and experience a shift that will truly change your life.