Grow your team into your greatest asset

The most under utilised performance tool we have,

is our mind.

Create the results you want and step up to the next level at work or in business without all the stress & mental torment.


Bring the results you want to create and let this guide the work we do in preparing the way. We then get to work in planning the path that will lead you there. The person you need to become- in the way you process input, the filters you use to perceive the world & the way it will have you showing up. We examine the source of emotional energy needed to fuel the actions required to produce the results you're wanting.


Create the results you want and step up to the next level at work or in business without all the stress & mental torment. Learn the tools for identifying what creates the feeling of overwhelm and how we can overcome it. Stress is something we create and is a symptom of an unmanaged mind. When you know how to build out a new intentional model that will have you thriving, your capacity will increase beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Systems run the business, people run the systems & the mind runs the people.

Equip your people with the manual for the mind & you have a winning trifecta.

There's the usual KPI's and performance assessments we use to monitor and assess team leaders, but how often do we use this data to guide the development work needed to produce the results we require from them.

Most people want to perform to a high level and exceed the expectations they have for themselves and those they serve but will often fall short from factors that fall outside of their awareness. The challenge is in preparing a pathway for continuous improvement, to grow and expand your team into the next version that is able to create the results you need at the next level.

If we keep waiting until everyone has figured this out for themselves, then it may be a very long wait or at the very least, a high churn rate....all of which costs time and money.

Consider the possibility of recruiting and training outside the square. Invest in your people to grow and promote internally as an alternative strategy for succession. Use it as an opportunity to show you care about lifting them up, so they can develop and fulfil their potential in a supportive environment.

The ability to inspire and empower is what grows great leaders and a team that feels like they work with you, not for you. This is what business and leadership coaching is about. In developing the goals around where you want to take your business and therefore the people that drive it and providing the tools and framework they need to step up to that next level.

The weekly face to face online coaching sessions is where we take it from theory and put it all into practice by learning how to apply the step by step models using real life work situations or examples.

Change is inevitable.

Growth is optional.

Just some of the areas we work on...



Learn a practical 3 step working model you can use in any situation or circumstance to break down the cognitive, emotional and behavioural components that are currently producing your unintended results. Once you understand how these drivers work, you can then workshop these elements to consciously create a model to deliver the results that you do want. You get to choose the way you want to think, feel and show up in any situation.



Learn this simple 3 step practical plan in how to process, experience and manage your emotions. This single practice of learning to separate feelings of the mind from emotions in the body is both transformative and liberating. It will allow you to quickly and easily return back to your factory default of love, joy and peace… without the hangover of the stories, names and perceptions we make up and store away.



This is a framework to show you the different levels from a foundation perspective that drives how we keep showing up. Our entire life is being controlled by our identity, and our entire identity has to be consistent with the outcomes or results we want to create. This working model shows you how to get every aspect of your being into alignment with your future self who is already living in that reality.


Self Confidence

What you think of yourself is what generates or depletes self confidence. Confidence is a feeling and self-confidence is a feeling about the self. We explore the habitual thought errors and the models you've unconsciously setup for yourself, how they make you feel and how those feelings are fuelling the actions you take, or don't take. We identify the key elements and exercises in creating and practicing self-confidence.


Time Management

We all know people who can 10 X the amount they get done in a day compared to others. So how are they doing it...stress free? We explore the concept of time and our relationship to it, to arrive at a working model we can use to create and manage time in a way that will serve you and have you kicking your goals.

We put it all into practice by choosing a monthly assignment or goal to focus on and we break it down into the steps needed to execute it in a way that has you prioritising self care and not spinning in panic, frustration, resentment, stress and overwhelm.


How to Achieve your Goals

We take a look at some of the main reasons that hold us back, that help to explain why we're not taking action. We then rework these into a framework for taking action to include; 1. How to change our thoughts about our circumstances. 2. How to reframe failure. 3. How to create motivation and determination. 4. How to manage the negative emotions that get in the way and stop us from taking action.


Boundaries & Difficult Conversations

There isn't anything anyone can do or say to control the way you feel and behave. Setting a boundary is going to be all about you. We explore the structure of how to set boundaries in a way that has the balance of power remaining in your court at all times. A boundary is about what YOU DO, not what they do. The working model around having a difficult conversation is a simple 3 step process that will have you showing up with an expanding mindset in a way that will disarm you and the other person and have you both talking in terms of solutions.

Business & Me

Hi. I’m Melinda.

I wear a few different hats. One of which is business. Having graduated with a business degree majoring in accounting and a minor in law I started an accounting practice. After consulting with thousands of businesses and their owners, I developed a passion for the dynamic environment of business.

It's a topic I could talk about all day long.

Beyond hard work... the underpinning foundations I focus on in business are relationships and mindset. When you have these dialled in, you can overcome or achieve anything.

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