If you’re interested in changing your life without the mental torment and emotional anguish, I’d love you to join me as we work through the theory and practical working models using a step by step framework that will shift you into consciously creating the results you want .

The coaching sessions will help to unhook you from your past programming and show you how to move from your conditioned beliefs, and all your mental, emotional and physical patterns so you can step over to the other side of life that lives in possibility and abundance.  This will have you opening up to all of it and processing it in a way that serves you and keeps moving you towards an ever greater version of yourself.

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Melinda became passionate about health and wellness after experiencing a long and difficult journey of cancer with her husband over a 10 year period. After he lost his battle there was a process of having to reset most things in her life. Her relationships, career and whole perspective on everything.

With a lot of big changes came a lot of growth, which grew into another big passion - a personal development journey in becoming your next best version. This was something she felt she owed to her children. Staying down was not an option, it was off the table.

Having graduated with a Business degree, Melinda also brings the lessons of a life as an entrepreneur and coach as she continues to create and expand what's possible, while being a dedicated mother of 4.

Something for Everyone

Hi. I’m Melinda.

I wear a few different hats representing the foundational pillars that greatly affect our life. These are typically going to be health & wellness, relationships & connection and work & money. Everything we do will lean on at least one of these pillars.

And all of them involve mindset - a set of beliefs and filters of the mind we use to process input, which then influences how we think, feel and behave to ultimately create the results we have in our life. When you you know how to consciously develop the mindset you need to alter the way you want to think, feel and act, you can overcome or achieve anything.

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