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Study the models and get coached in any of the 3 biggest areas of your life.

- Weight Loss & Health

- Relationships & Connection

- Work & Money

Use the power of this coaching model to turn your life around in an instant.... Yes it really is that powerful.

How is this possible?

It's possible because it only takes one new thought to change the whole trajectory of your life.

One new insight - applied - to end up exactly where you want to be.

One new way of seeing it all to free you from the place in your mind that keeps you stuck, so you can shed the weight - physically, mentally and emotionally - in your relationships, workplace and in health.

When you learn the model and get coached on how to apply it, what's possible for you starts to open up.

What's possible is to stop needing and wanting change and to start creating it. In a moment you can start to point your life in a new direction and become the creative medium....with all of it originating in thought.

All it takes is one moment of clarity and your life is forever changed.

You can see it here in one sisters plea to another .....

"Hi Kat, I know you’re in your shell right now, but please hear me out, as I need to help you see that you don’t need to continue feeling the way you’re feeling right now, regardless of what’s happening in your life right now - you have a choice 💜

I’ve been seeing Melinda & let me tell you, I wish I had done it years ago. After the first session, I can’t explain the relief I had - like a weight that had been holding me down for years, completely lifted. I don’t know exactly what specifically it was that created this feeling within me, but it was truly liberating Kat.

Feelings that I carried with me for years, she made such sense of them - I realised that they were completely & utterly my creation due to an error in my thought process. I actually feel like I took a step back & thought how on earth could I have thought these feelings all of these years.

I also realised for the first time in my life that I have, (& should have), zero control over my children’s lives - they are the masters of their own destiny & I’ve done all that I can do as a Mother.  The choices they make in life are their own to make, not mine, & any consequences of those choices they will need to face - those choices will be their teacher, not me - it’s not my job as a Mother, or as a human being in fact. There’s no better teacher than life anyway. Our children are not there for us to save them - they can only save themselves.

Please understand, the things Melinda will say to you will resonate with you & you will gain an understanding about things like never before. I believe she’s better than any life coach there could be - I believe she has a gift.

Please agree to just one session Kat, please - it will save your life" 💜

These results and more are possible when you learn the models and get coached - in how to apply them - to create the results you want.

The most underutilised performance tool we have, is our mind. Isn't it a shame we were never given a manual for it.....up until now!




What to expect throughout the program...

We take a whole of person approach (in mind, body & spirit) to show how you can go to that next level, to become the next greatest version of you!


Each week we present new tools that you can apply across the 3 areas of your life that will support you through the transition of shifting your mindset and arriving at a whole new understanding of how we create our reality and the results we want, which all originate in thought.

These working models include a step by step framework or process for;

  • how to achieve your goals, so you don't spend the rest of your life ruminating in regret.
  • how it only takes one sane person to transform your relationships without needing to drag the other with you along the way.
  • how to breakthrough to the confidence you crave and awaken to your worthiness along the way, so you can stop feeling crushed by the judgement of others and start feeling unstoppable when you put your mind to work...for you.
  • how to develop a growth mindset and shift into the identity you would need in order to step up to the next level in life, in business or any area where you feel stuck or in scarcity.
  • how you can shed the weight without having to rely on the power of our will, by addressing the underlying drivers (being our thoughts and feelings) that cause us to overeat.
  • how to manage your time to fit in everything you want to create, without the stress and overwhelm.
  • how to set boundaries and have difficult conversations that remove you from an attack or defence position and bring you into compassion and understanding.
  • how to love unconditionally and also fall in love with that divine part of you.
  • how to deepen your spiritual connection when you recognise that higher self in others, as well as discovering your higher purpose and the path to happiness.


The coaching is where we go beyond intellectualizing all the theory and use real world examples of how to apply the working models to your situation or circumstance.

There are 3 different ways you can be coached which include;

  • private 30 minute face to face online coaching session to understand the cause of your current unintended reality in detail and workshopping that through to a more intentional model that is aligned with the results that you want to create using the application of all the working model that are presented.
  • a group coaching call every week where everyone gets to listen and learn from others being coached on how you would apply the models to troubleshoot a variety of situations and real life circumstances.
  • unlimited 'Ask a Coach' questions and receive an email or video response.


This is where we peel back the layers on the science of the mind, our emotions and energy.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence" Nikola Tesla

We study the science and properties of energy from the physical realm, so we can understand the dynamics and forces that are not only shaping the 3D world that we can see, but which also apply to the non physical aspects of our being and the universe at large.

With this knowledge we can dive deep into understanding our own inherent divine nature, freeing us from the mental constraints and physical confinement of our 3D reality to expand our consciousness and deepen our connections with everyone and everything.

"It is the greatest of all disciplines to know oneself, for when a man knows himself, he knows God" Clement of Alexandria

When you can understand the science behind the interconnectedness of all things, you can begin to appreciate how improving the quality of our thoughts is interconnected with our emotions and the health of all our biological systems, resulting in a cascading effect on our outer world where that energy is interacting and propagating to ultimately return to it’s original source, confirming what you put out is what you get back, making you the co-creator of your life. 

You'll be equipped with the tools and ONE TO ONE support to navigate your mind, choose alternative thoughts and embed new beliefs in order to change your feelings and emotions that are needed to fuel the actions and behaviour to create the results you want and shift into alignment with the reality you choose.

With over 264 million people affected by depression worldwide, where are we going wrong?

We show you how your body hears everything your mind says and how your biography becomes your biology right down to the cellular level. Our thoughts are affecting our brain wave states, which alters the mixture of neuropeptides and neurotransmitters travelling throughout the brain and body which we feel as an emotion, to literally change not only the chemistry of every cell in your body, but also the cell’s electrical frequency.

This affects the chain of communication and the way our cells interact and function. We show you how to entrain your brain back into harmony, so the dysregulation from our mental and emotional states can be brought back into balance. 

"The wave is the signature of every experience of life.  By understanding the nature of waves and their characteristics, and applying that understanding to our lives, we can navigate life with a little more grace’" - Jeffrey Anderson

We take a look at how harmonious and destructive patterns play out in our own life, we learn techniques to consciously choose more harmonious ways to be at peace, find calmness and handle stressful situations with grace.

When you gain knowledge in such a way that you can understand it completely, and then apply what you comprehend, it will transition into a 'knowing' that you can feel at your core.

What you are in resonance with at your core, will be magnified and manifested.

We give you the 3 potent antidotes or human thrivers to dispel the 3 self limiting beliefs that hold us back at our core.  We share some insight into a whole new level of self awareness which can be matched by a whole new level of self confidence when you discover who you really are.  This is the space where being your authentic self is natural and safe. It is the place where your true power lies.


When you recognize WHO YOU REALLY ARE at the deepest level, it's easier to restore your confidence & self esteem.

How would you feel, knowing you are fully capable of being with any situation, any person, and in any circumstance, without ever losing your power? 

Most people see security as something they need, that’s outside of them. We analyze what you have you been taught, or come to believe where your security comes from and how to feel safe in the world.

This journey can lead you to a path where you know your worth in every situation. This is where you're free to pursue that which you choose, without guilt and without the constraints of your limiting beliefs.

Do you want to build a better connection with everyone?

A huge obstacle that gets in our way, is our belief that we are separate from others. When your perception of reality has you believing, that you’re all alone, your different, or that you don’t fit in, you pinch yourself off from the abundant flow of life that would otherwise have you feeling connected and loved.

We explore a whole other level of reality that shows how our energy is interacting and connecting with others and the world around us.  We prepare you for making it easy to freely give and freely receive love, without conditions.

Do you want to stop reacting to the judgments of others and feeling crushed by them? 

Most people have it that their self-esteem is based on what other people think of them, and whether people approve of them or not, which only reinforces their feelings of not feeling good enough. The more you rely on others to portray or prove your self importance, the more you live and die by them.

Would you like to find peace in an enormously expanded awareness of who you really are?

In studying and understanding the science and inherent nature of our source energy, it's much easier to own and embrace it, and then use it to attract, to heal, and manifest the outcomes that are in alignment with the input stimuli. It leads to a greater self realisation of our own divine essence.


You might be thinking, 'But I've tried so many things, read so many books, attended courses, webinars, seminars - you name it, and still nothing much has really shifted or made much of a difference...'

We're about to shake this up and do things a bit differently. When you understand the divine dynamics and natural order that governs our existence, including YOU & ME, it's much easier to embrace the process of creating or manifesting when it's presented using a scientific evidence based methodology. It fits with the paradigm of 'seeing is believing' - which is why we also get trapped and stay stuck.

We can't move beyond what our environment is showing us....which is merely the residual outcome of our thoughts and who we are being.


Before I started the program

After I finished the program

I was feeling lost. Having spent 20 years of my life raising a family and caring for others, I lost myself along the way. I forgot to take time to care for me.

I was questioning the loss of self identity and felt angry for allowing it erode away over the years. I was mourning the person I used to be but was unable to find my way back to her.

In a state of low self confidence, I started questioning my deepest beliefs and foundations of who I thought I was.

I had become a bystander in my life and not a participant. I lived with an overwhelming feeling of having to do it all alone and was carrying a huge burden.

I was emotional, angry and struggling with my relationships and marriage. I started to question everything.

"It was like someone had turned the lights on, the fog slowly started to clear with each module, I was starting to find my way back.

Huge epiphanies followed as I began to identify my self limiting beliefs and reset them. What really resonated for me was the paradigms and using them morning and night, in particular "I don't have to believe everything I think, I choose to believe the thoughts that empower me & others".

I realised I wasn't lost at all and the person I had been looking for had just been hiding behind the negative chorus of baggage that I had allowed to build up over the years. Reconnecting with her and finding my sense of purpose has brought peace to a huge internal struggle.

My self esteem and confidence have greatly increased and I'm now a willing, conscious participant in my own story. I make the choices and choose the direction. I'm actually living my life, embracing and loving it not just watching it.

This program gave me the tools to recognise and manage my obstacles, I'm now the master of reframing them. The key relationships around me have started to shift and have become more fulfilling."

Sophie B

Melinda is a certified life coach, mentor and counsellor who became passionate about health and wellness after experiencing a long and difficult journey of cancer with her husband over a 10 year period. After he lost his battle there was a process of having to reset most things in her life. Her relationships, career and whole perspective on life. This journey inspired her to develop an integrated medical facility that's been in operation now for over 14 years.

With a lot of big changes came a lot of growth, which grew into another big passion - a personal development journey in becoming your next best version. This was something she felt she owed to her children. Staying down was not an option, it was off the table. Having graduated with a Business degree, Melinda also brings the lessons of a life as an entrepreneur as she continues to create and expand what's possible, while being a mother of 4.

From her time spent in the medical model over the last 14 years, Melinda came to realize the magnitude of the health crisis, with most patients suffering from at least one chronic condition. Being overweight is a major contributing factor to most of these health problems. She could see where the gaps were in the general practice setting in failing to address this issue which inspired her to take action in the area of weight loss. When you take a look at the figures, you can see the potential impact this work could have in the lives of so many.

In the U.S, statistics from 2020 show that 50% of the adult population now have diabetes or pre-diabetes* and in 2018 it showed 67% of the adult population in Australia was overweight or obese*. Being overweight is the number 1 cause for diabetes.





The results you want are awesome. Your current reality isn't. What now?

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The Manifestation MBA

The mind works from probability, we need to shift that to work from possibility. Learning to create your life versus reacting to the one you don't want is a very different existence.

  • Get all 35 video training modules instantly over this 12 week journey. (35 x $80 / session) = $2,800.
  • Face to face coaching session each month to troubleshoot a problem or circumstance using the practical working models to ensure you're well on your way in knowing how to apply them to achieve the results you want. ($150/ session ) x 3 sessions = $450.
  • Group coaching sessions to scale your learning by listening to others getting coached and hearing how to apply all the tools in a wide range of situations. (Weekly valued at $80 / session x 12) = $960
  • Unlimited 'Ask a Coach' questions any time you like by sending in your written questions and receive an email or video response. ( Say 12 x $40 / video recorded Q&A) = $480
  • Q&A forums.
  • Regular reminders & insights to help guide and support you.
  • Community support when you need it the most with live chat rooms, forums and feeds.
  • Total Value = $4,690.


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That lets you sleep easily at night!

The fact that you're reading this section means you already know that giving your mind a makeover and knowing how to manifest whatever mission you choose will help to improve your life, but perhaps you still have a bit of doubt.

If you're thinking, 'How do I know if this is what I really need?'

Well, that's simple...Try it, becomes it comes risk free.

Guarantee # 1

Test drive the program for 30 Days When you enroll, you'll have 30 days to go through EVERYTHING plus receive a face to face private coaching sessions and 4 group coaching sessions, and if for whatever reason.....and I mean ANY reason.... if you don't feel as though this is going to be the best investment you've made that could help you achieve the breakthrough's you need to get the results you want to make your life work.... we'll gladly reimburse your entire questions asked! Which means yes, you could totally rip me off here!

Guarantee # 2

365 Days to GET RESULTS After you pass your initial 30 days - and you put all this training into action, (including the coaching sessions) and you don't see any positive results after 365 days ....we'll reimburse your investment!

Why would I do this? Because you shouldn't have to pay for something that doesn't work! And I'm so convinced of how effective this is, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. That's how much I believe in this training!

Think about it!  Every great change or transformation you've made ALWAYS began with a DECISION that was BACKED by a committed ACTION.

Do you want to CHOOSE to solve the problems you're facing in your life?

If everything is working just fine and you're at the place you really want to be, then you DON'T need this training - you should be CELEBRATING.

But if not, then your options are simple.

You can CHOOSE to do nothing.....then of course nothing changes and problems get worse


You can choose to avoid the problem all together and hope that it will magically go away (it won't)


You can get 100% COMMITTED to doing something about it!

If you CHOOSE the latter,  then NOW is your time to sign up and get started.

Otherwise, you can just click right off this page.

BUT CHOOSE QUICKLY before this moment is over.  Why? 

Because most of us indulge in confusion for way too long - it's that comfortable corner where we don't end up having to do life.  

So most likely it will be now or never.  

That's how we roll.  You'll also learn how to overcome indecision :)


Option 1

For a ONE TIME FEE of just $738. 

If you’re ready to jump in…boots and all, click I'M ALL IN below for only

AUD $738

That's way cheaper than a personal trainer - plus a results based

money back guarantee.

Try getting that from your fitness instructor!

Option 2

If you would rather just dip your toe in, you can attend a free Get Coached Workshop which includes a 30 minute Coaching Session to experience and see it for yourself.


Make use of an empowered community who have joined with you in this journey to become grander versions of themselves and live greater lives.

You will have access to this exclusive closed online education community who are completing this journey alongside of you to share experiences and support one another on the path to mastery. Don't worry, confidentiality is key so we'll be using alias names inside our members area to encourage authentic engagement and protect people's privacy.

Create topics & participate in discussions on posts in a feed or forum to open up new ideas, learn from each other and contribute to everyone’s success.

Access our community chatroom for group messaging or email a coach. Communication lines are always open.