Become a collaborating service provider in a weight loss & health coaching program & earn additional income!

Statistics now show that 1 in 2 adults in the U.S are now diabetic or prediabetic


The number 1 cause is being over weight or obese!

Close to 80% of Australian adults are predicted to be obese by the year 2025

Attn: Practice manager, Nurses & GPs

Hello my name is Melinda King and I'm the director of a medical practice in NSW Australia.

We were successful in receiving a small grant from the Primary Health Network (PHN) to develop an innovative online program to help reduce ED hospital presentations by proactively managing better support for our chronic care patients. We understand this is not a practice specific issue and would like to extend this work for your patients and practice to benefit from.

Given weight is a huge common denominator across most chronic conditions and is the number one cause for diabetes, we decided to lead with a weight loss health & fitness journey. In working with your practice to provide ongoing clinical support that is tailored to individual requirements using a well structured process, we can track some base line measurements along the way in order to provide some meaningful data to show the improvement across your patient cohort.

I believe there is a huge gap in our system when it comes to addressing the underlying causes of a person's health and in particular, addressing the mental, emotional and physical barriers to losing weight in the general practice setting.

If you are interested in helping your patients lose weight and would like to offer an additional resource or service that you can integrate with into your practice and chronic care management, this collaborative approach will provide the following benefits;


A 50% discount & ongoing weight loss & health coaching

When you become a collaborating provider your patients can access a 50% discount if they are referred from a doctor or nurse in your practice. You will be issued with a unique discount code that will be linked to your account. In return your patients will be given all the tools and customised coaching they need each week until they reach their goal weight and know how to keep it off.


Earn additional income & become involved in the process

As a collaborating provider, you will earn 50% of the program income received which is paid as a setup and coordination fee for scheduling their clinical support care alongside of their journey. This is paid at the time the program is purchased which equates to $180 for each participant. In return your patient will be supported in a well structured monitoring and review process from your practice.


A new way of consulting in a supportive group environment

Make use of Shared Medical Appointments to gather your weight loss participants in a supportive group environment to share in the journey of reaching their goal weight where everyone can learn at scale and belong to a community that are able to relate, motivate and celebrate along the way.


Earn 50% of the program fees + utilise telehealth shared medical appointments in a group setting in your own private digital community!

About the Program

What makes this program so different from any other is that we help solve for the reasons why people over eat.  The traditional diet mentality stays focused at the level of activity…in counting calories, drinking shakes or eating prescriptive meal plans and obsessing over points. What they don't address is why people can't or won't stick to the plan.


When you don’t address the underlying causes of what’s driving over hunger and over desire for food, then you need to rely on willpower which never lasts for too long and it becomes too painful to maintain. 

The reality is most people are exhausted from trying to lose weight, only to keep failing.

And I get why…. losing weight without help is REALLY hard when you;

  Don’t trust yourself to follow through and will cave in as soon as you feel hungry

  Think it will be too hard to juggle different meals, make alternative plans or see people and enjoy being with them without eating and drinking all the things I love.

 Have an all or nothing approach and use a downfall as a signal to quit

 Feel you couldn't be bothered with it because 'it doesn't matter'

 Think food has control over you.

✘ Don't have the time to prioritize everything that is involved in losing weight     

And the list goes on.

NO WONDER why most people give up and can’t stand the thought of revisiting the trauma of the traditional weight loss approach when they haven’t resolved all the above.

But what if they could reduce the over desire for food by following a proven method for removing these obstacles that keep them stuck.

Most diets are simply just treating the symptom.  In doing the thing that will produce the result….which is at the level of action.  But what drives our actions?.

It’s our feelings or emotions that fuels how we show up and what we do…or don’t do.  And it’s our thoughts that induce our feelings.    

When you lose the mental and emotional weight, the physical weight will naturally follow. 

We do this by learning;

  How to rebalance your hormones so you won’t feel hungry all the time.
  How to identify thought errors that cause resistance to losing weight.
  How to process your emotions (including urges) so you won't need to keep eating to suppress them and

  Developing a strong & solid relationship with yourself so you know how to honour your truest desires over the instant pleasure hits from food in the moment.

And they don’t have to do this alone.

They will be supported with personalised weekly discreet coaching sessions to deconstruct & then reconstruct their thought & emotional patterns that keep them locked into this cycle of over eating.

Together we develop and continue to tweak a customized eating protocol that fits into their schedule including the exceptions they love & the special occasions we all enjoy. There’s no deprivation required.

Free starter course

There is a free introductory starter course along to introduce some of the concepts we teach along with a 30 minute initial free coaching session for people to experience their first shift.


Weight Loss & Health Program

We trade in the battle of the bulge for mastery of the mind. We take a whole of person approach (mind, body & spirit) in lightening their load mentally, emotionally and physically to become their next greatest version.

It comes backed by a guarantee. 

Test drive the program for 30 Days

When they enroll, they'll have 30 days to go through EVERYTHING plus receive up to 8 face to face coaching sessions during this time, and if for whatever reason.....and I mean ANY reason.... they don't feel as though this is going to be the best investment they have made that could help achieve the breakthrough's they need to get the results they want .... we'll gladly reimburse their entire investment!