In this session I want to talk about this tendency we have in wanting to seek approval and winning the favour of others….which is driving so many of our behaviours and in particular the social revolution. 

As young children, we’re brought up in a world where we are very much conditioned and trained into a hierarchy of seeking permission…. for almost everything.  We learn how to follow directions and take orders, we get rewarded for being good and doing all the right things or otherwise we risk being punished if we don’t…. and on and on it goes.  It’s a continuous process where nearly everything we do is met with permission or approval. 

And then we have another layer that sits on top of that… in what we go and make all that mean.  For example, when we win the affection and receive accolades from our parents when our rankings or status goes up at school…it’s going to be very easy to make that mean we’re loved and approved of … which is nearly everything to a little person that relies so heavily on others for their survival.