In this session I want to present a different take on self confidence.  For a lot of people it remains this elusive, intangible asset that remains just out of arms reach..  We see it in others and wonder where they acquired it from and ….if anyone did try to sell it, we all know there’s no amount of money that could ever buy it which all points to the telling tale that the only place you can find it… is within. 

If we were to break it down to it’s simplest form, confidence could be characterised as pertaining to an emotion that we feel..and we even describe it as such. We say, ‘I don’t feel too confident’ But the confusing part is… that we think a feeling comes from outside of ourselves.  That’s its our external circumstances or the other person and what they’re doing or not doing that is determining how we feel.  Which has us putting our emotions at the mercy of our circumstances or in the hands of others and we wonder why we feel out of control with life.  When we set it up this way, we forever remain at the effect of and stuck in a victim role where life and other people are responsible for the way we feel.