Lose the Weight without having to rely on Willpower....sounds crazy, right?

By addressing the underlying cause of why we overeat, our overdesire is eliminated making it effortless to lose the weight..... Here's how!

The truth is no matter what diet we try next, there's still the need to rely on willpower for the most part.

So I get why most people want to avoid the whole weight loss saga all together.

We're only setting ourselves up to fail with the current diet mentality that involves a lot of pain and sacrifice, so I can see why it sounds ridiculous when I say.... 'losing weight becomes effortless'. But hear me out...

When we're given a list of all the things we need to do (which are at the level of action - drink the shake, count the calories, take the tablet, restrict our food intake and exercise regularly) which are all designed to lose the weight, they forget to factor this all important element into the equation - the fuel that's been driving us to overeat in the first place.

It's no surprise that.....the overdesire we have for food is a major reason why we overeat.

(overdesire = overeating= overweight)

So we are left with a model that relies on the force of our will to overcome this desire....which has its limits.

Willpower is a finite resource at best and when that tank is empty at the end of a long workday or week, we return back to our status quo..... which is why the weight inevitably keeps finding its way back again and it sets the whole yo-yo- routine in motion.

Sound familiar??

Let's break it all down so you can see where it's all coming from ....So what is desire?

Well....desire is a feeling.

Neuroscience has shown us how our thoughts (such as I deserve this treat) create our feelings (such as feeling deserving of whatever we want... and if we deny ourselves, then we're left feeling deprived).

The energy from our feelings (desire, deserving, deprivation) is what fuels our actions (in eating more than we need).....

and given that our thoughts (what we think).... is only ever going to be our choice to make....

it naturally follows that we have ultimate control over which feelings we want to create..... by consciously choosing the thoughts that will induce the feelings we need ....to fuel the actions that will actually create the results we want.

This has been the forgotten formula: (Thoughts induce Feelings, Feelings fuel Actions, Actions create Results)

The weight loss industry is typically fixated at the level of action in what we need to do to create the results that we want..... (drink the shake, count the calories, take the tablet, restrict our food intake and exercise regularly) without ever addressing the underlying causes (thoughts & feelings) that are actually driving how we keep showing up in relation to food.

So if we don't want to rely on having to use willpower (which only lasts for so long before we tire), then we need to eliminate the overdesire for food .... in order to make it an effortless experience in not having to exert the force of our will against what we want in the now.

But unless we address the mental, emotional and physical aspects that keep us hooked into eating more than our body actually needs, we will feel forever controlled by food and in needing to rely on willpower to get us through the day....

In a Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial conducted in the UK, 86% of the participants who lost 15kg or more had their type 2 diabetes reversed and 57% of those who lost 10kg also experienced full remission*

* https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(17)33102-1/fulltext

I never thought I would return to my pre-baby body.  After having 4 babies I had tried everything (or so I thought) to get rid of the extra 26 pounds that had settled around my waistline.  I’m now enjoying a return to my pre-baby weight....in my 50's and I feel as strong and confident in my body as I was back then.


This program showed me how to substitute out the foods that were creating a hormonal imbalance that were keeping me in a hungry addiction cycle.  My whole relationship with food has changed and I no longer look at it to keep me entertained or comforted during the day. 


I’ve tuned into it as simply a source of fuel and vital nutrients my body needs and have expanded my life to find other ways of nourishing all the needs and wants I have in my life.  Truly transformative stuff.  You’ll never want to go back to the old way again.

Cindy S.


The key to losing the weight for the last time is to eliminate the source of our overdesire....

which has a mental, emotional & physical component to it.

The Mental

Once we can course correct the subconscious program we're currently running, it becomes much easier to recognize how our mindset keeps us trapped in the cycle of overeating.

Learn how to identify all the thought errors that keep us locked into a cycle of feeling entitled, deserving and comforted by eating all the food.

Learn how to live from the identity of the future version of the person that is already at their ideal weight.

Learn how to identify and challenge the social, cultural and family eating habits that have been embedded over a lifetime keeping us stuck on autopilot.

Lose the diet mentality and adopt a whole new way of being and relating with food. When we discover what it is we truly need, we no longer need food to fill that void.

The Emotional

Release the mental and emotional patterns that feed our overdesire for food.

Learn how to stop emotional eating. We eat to suppress or avoid the pain from our feelings by distracting ourselves with the pleasure hit we get from food, which is only transient, so we need to keep doing it over and over again.

Learn how to be in a committed and loving relationship with yourself so it's easier to honour our higher ideals and what we truly desire for our life over the instant appeal of having it now.

Learn how to embrace discomfort by allowing and processing urges in a way that removes the drama and urgency of having to close that familiar reward loop. When we learn how to deal with delay...it doesn't feel like you're going to die.

What to eat is not hard, losing weight is emotionally hard. This is the part that all the diets in the world never end up addressing. Learn how to separate emotions in the body from the drama in the mind. We don't have to believe every thought we think.

The Physical

Don't waste precious time wondering what to eat, when to eat & how much to eat any longer.

Discover the type of foods we're eating that keep us trapped in an addiction cycle of cravings along with the sugar highs then lows that we need to go and counteract with more food.

Develop an eating protocol that is doable and flexible with any schedule including the exceptions we all enjoy. We don't plan anything we're not willing to do for the rest of our lives. 

Learn how to become conscious of the signals the body is sending us by using awareness tools to tap in to what it really needs and when.

Learn how to balance the hormones through food that regulate our appetite so we don't feel so hungry all the time. 


Melinda is a certified life coach who became passionate about health and wellness after experiencing a long and difficult journey of cancer with her husband over a 10 year period. After he lost his battle there was a process of having to reset most things in her life. Her relationships, career and whole perspective on life. This journey inspired her to develop an integrated medical facility that's been in operation now for over 14 years.

With a lot of big changes came a lot of growth, which grew into another big passion - a personal development journey in becoming your next best version. This was something she felt she owed to her children. Staying down was not an option, it was off the table. Having graduated with a Business degree, Melinda also brings the lessons of a life as an entrepreneur as she continues to create and expand what's possible, while being a mother of 4.

From her time spent in the medical model over the last 14 years, Melinda came to realize the magnitude of the health crisis, with most patients suffering from at least one chronic condition. Being overweight is a major contributing factor to most of these health problems. She could see where the gaps were in the general practice setting in failing to address this issue which inspired her to take action in the area of weight loss. When you take a look at the figures, you can see the potential impact this work could have in the lives of so many.

In the U.S, statistics from 2020 show that 50% of the adult population now have diabetes or pre-diabetes* and in 2018 it showed 67% of the adult population in Australia was overweight or obese*. Being overweight is the number 1 cause for diabetes.

* https://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/data/statistics-report/index.html

* https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0260158


We go beyond intellectualizing all of the theory with face to face coaching sessions to ensure all this knowledge is applied .... customized for each person.


  • Get all 28 video training modules for as long as it takes to reach the end goal (28 x $50 / session) = $1400
  • Face to face video coaching sessions x 2 each week to troubleshoot any situation by learning how to apply the practical working models to ensure it's all put in to practice. ($80 / session x as many as it takes)
  • Unlimited Ask a Coach Q&A's - 24|7. Send in written questions and receive an email or video response. (Unlimited x $40 / video recorded Q&A)
  • 12 x Guided Exercise Sessions by an Exercise Physiologist including correct technique demonstrations. (12 x $15 = $180)
  • 12 x Guided Sessions in the practice and philosophy of Yoga. (12 x $15 = $180).
  • Regular reminders & insights
  • Community support when it's needed the most with live chat rooms, forums and feeds.

Choose your goal weight & receive all the tools & training you will need to cross your own finish line.



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We've got A's for your Q's

How much time do I need to commit?

The program is self paced to make weight loss fit into your lifestyle. There's no keeping up. The training videos and coaching replays are in an on-the-go format making them easy to listen while shopping, doing laundry, exercising or waiting in traffic.

Can I try it out for a month or am I locked in?

If you don't want to commit to the one time fee for unlimited support option, you can opt for the month to month and cancel whenever you're ready....after 1 month, 2 months or stay for as long as you want to be coached until you reach your goal weight.

What if I'm scared I will quit on myself?

It's normal and bound to come up again... but this time...we've got you. This is what the coaching calls are all about. Getting you past feeling stuck or wanting to quit. We are all real women who have lost weight using this program and we're here to help you overcome the obstacles that have prevented you from losing weight in the past.

Will this work if I have hashimoto's, diabetes, PCOS or I am postmenopausal?

Yes, you'll learn how to feel focused, committed and in control regardless of your physical conditions. When you can do this and stay in tune to the natural signals of your body for long enough, you will start to see results.

Does this work if I have special dietary needs or other eating plans such as keto, vegan or weight watchers?

Yes, given the way our protocol works, it is only ever you who decides (ahead of time) what to put on your eating plan. Remember, what to eat is not hard. Losing weight is emotionally hard... and this is our specialty and focus. Most of the training & coaching will address the mental and emotional elements to see you through.

Does my location matter?

In this digital age, of course not. The nice thing about being online is that it connects us wherever you are around the world. You just need the internet and a device to see me. We hold coaching calls at different times and days to cater for different time zones. The fees for this program are in Australia dollars....so you save even more if you're paying with US dollars.

How can I lose weight without counting calories?

There is no calorie counting app that can help us deal with the mental and emotional struggles that have held us back in the past. And knowing the calorie range has never been the magic cure either. When you're able to listen to your body and stay conscious to what it needs and when, you'll find that tuning in to your hunger scale and eating to enough is a whole lot easier than counting calories.

I'm a private and shy person, what can I expect on the coaching calls?

We use the zoom webinar format for all our coaching calls. The only person who will see you is me...I love to feel as if you're in the room with me. Other people will be able to hear you but no one else will know who you are. I will be the only person anyone can see at all times. We use alias names inside our members portal to protect people's privacy and to encourage authentic engagement. We will record the coaching sessions so everyone can learn at scale from the replays in case you're unable to attend.