Achieve your Weight Loss & Health Goals

without having to rely on Willpower

Lose the desire to overeat & reclaim your health

Instead of relying on the power of our will....

There's a whole new way of arriving at your ideal natural body weight.

By addressing the underlying root cause of why we're overeating in the first place, it solves the problem of being overweight;

Overeating = Overweight

The truth is no matter what diet we try next, there's still the need to rely on willpower for the most part.

Willpower has its limits and by the end of a long workday, there's no more willpower left in the tank. It's a finite resource at best.

When it comes to trying to take control of our health, willpower is NOT our ally in the quest for good health or in keeping blood sugar under control.

The system we teach, relies on tapping into the drivers that are responsible for creating the overdesire that leads to the overeating.

Once we can course correct the subconscious program we're currently running at this level, it becomes much easier to recognize how our mindset keeps us trapped in the cycle of overeating.

We've created a suite of tools in the following areas, that can be used to provide practical step by step solutions in discovering a new way forward that doesn't rely on willpower or in feeling deprived.

1. A Welcome to Weight Loss without Willpower

2. The Underlying Causes of What Keeps us Stuck & Why it's so Hard to Lose Weight

3. Your Why, Decisions & Commitment

4. Weight Loss & Health - Parts 1, 2 & 3

5. Developing your Protocol

6. Why We Over Eat

7. Understanding Will Power, Deprivation & Emotional Eating

8. How to Master your Mind

9. How to Master your Emotions

10. Creating New Beliefs & a New Identity

11. The Process of Change & Rehearsing the New You

12. Your Relationship with You

13. Relationships & Connection

14. Setting Boundaries & Having Difficult Conversations

15. How to Achieve Your Goals

16. The 30 Day Goal

17. Managing Your Time

18. The Capacity to Receive, to Have & to Live in Abundance

19. The Path to Happiness & Your Higher Purpose

We also take you through the science and theory on the following topics:

1. Gearing Up. Setting the Scene for a Happier, Healthier & Wealthier You

2. Dealing with the Drivers - Thoughts, Feelings & Beliefs

3. Primal Self Limiting Beliefs & Identity

4. Awakening to our Identity & Purpose

5. Reprogramming our Subconscious Mind

6. The Physiology of our Thoughts & Emotions

7. Frequency of Emotions & the Mind Heart Connection

8. Health & Mind Medicine

9. Who Am I? - Permission to Thrive




Where we go beyond intellectualizing all of the theory with face to face coaching sessions to ensure you're able to take this knowledge and apply it.... customized to your situation.


  • Get all 28 video training modules for as long as it takes for you to reach your goal weight (28 x $50 / session) = $1400
  • Weekly face to face video coaching sessions to troubleshoot a situation by learning how to apply the practical working models to ensure you know how to put it all into practice. ($80 / session x as many as you need to reach your goal weight)
  • Unlimited Ask a Coach Q&A's - 24|7. Send in your written questions and the answers will be recorded in video each week. (Unlimited x $40 / video recorded Q&A)
  • Regular reminders & insights to help guide and support you.
  • Community support when you need it the most with live chat rooms, forums and feeds.
  • 12 x Guided Exercise Sessions by an Exercise Physiologist including correct technique demonstrations. (12 x $15 = $180)
  • 12 x Guided sessions in the practice and philosophy of Yoga. (12 x $15 = $180).

Melinda is a certified life coach who became passionate about health and wellness after experiencing a long and difficult journey of cancer with her husband over a 10 year period. After he lost his battle there was a process of having to reset most things in her life. Her relationships, career and whole perspective on life. This journey inspired her to develop an integrated medical facility that's been in operation now for over 14 years.

With a lot of big changes came a lot of growth, which grew into another big passion - a personal development journey in becoming your next best version. This was something she felt she owed to her children. Staying down was not an option, it was off the table. Having graduated with a Business degree, Melinda also brings the lessons of a life as an entrepreneur as she continues to create and expand what's possible, while being a mother of 4.

From her time spent in the medical model over the last 14 years, Melinda came to realize the magnitude of the health crisis, with most patients suffering from at least one chronic condition and being overweight is a major contributing factor. She could see where the gaps were in the general practice setting in failing to address this issue which inspired her to take action in the area of weight loss. When you take a look at the figures, you can see the potential impact this work could have in the lives of so many.

In the U.S, statistics from 2020 show that 50% of the adult population now have diabetes or pre-diabetes* and in 2018 it showed 67% of the adult population in Australia was overweight or obese*. Being overweight is the number 1 cause for diabetes.




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